The Instigators

Space Cocaine is provided by a rotating cast of authors, who are herded by Mark Teppo (publisher), Andrew McCollough (editor) and Jessie Kwak (editor).

Lara Messersmith-Glavin writes nonfiction and memoir based upon her childhood in the commercial fishing industry in Kodiak, Alaska, as well as many years of travel, adventure, and general recklessness elsewhere in the world.  She’s interested in science, mythology, language, gender, and ways folks make positive change. She writes science fiction, fantasy, and myth for younger readers and adults, as well. 

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Erik Grove is a writer, long distance runner, and little dog wrangler doing things in Portland, OR. He enjoys tacos, robots, and using italics for emphasis. He is a guest host of the Overcast speculative fiction podcast. You can find him on Twitter @erikgrove where he occasionally tweets dog photos, marathon training nonsense, and sundry writerly shenanigans. You can also check out his webpage for fun and prizes!

**There is no fun. There are no prizes.

Cody T Luff’s debut novel, Ration, was released by Apex Book Company in 2019. Cody’s stories have appeared in Buckmxn Journal, Pilgrimage, Cirque, KYSO Flash, Menda City Review, Swamp Biscuits & Tea, and others. He is fiction winner of the 2016 Montana Book Festival Regional Emerging Writers Contest. He served as editor of an anthology of short fiction with twelve contributors titled Soul’s Road.

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Kate Ristau is the author of the middle grade series, Clockbreakers, and the young adult series, Shadow Girl. You can read her essays in The New York Times and The Washington PostIn her ideal world, magic and myth combine to create memorable stories with unforgettable characters. Until she finds that world, she’ll live in a house in Oregon, where they found a sword behind the water heater and fairies in the backyard. Learn more at

Jeb Sherrill has an oddly disjointed background. Having stumbled through everything from performing stage magic and kinetic juggling on French television and in Las Vegas casinos, to teaching martial arts and circus techniques, to competitive sabre fencing, film and stage acting, dance, songwriting, and his ongoing stint as a popular YouTube personality, Jeb has the ADD of a 10 year old. Writing, however, has remained his greatest passion since early childhood, having also written a barrage of short stories and poetry.

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Andrew McCollough writes science fiction, fantasy, and undecipherable scribbles. Mostly the latter. His work tends to describe unfortunate things happening to relatable protagonists and often involve magic or robots. He is the author of Mermaid’s Garden and other short stories and his work is available at Grievous Angel and Amazon. You can learn more about him at

Mark Teppo is the author of more than a dozen novels ranging across several genres. He is the author of the Stonebrook & The Judge series, the Sal Quagmire mysteries, and he contributed to the Foreworld Saga. His non-fiction includes the perennial favorite, Jumpstart Your Novel. He also writes Butch Bliss mysteries under the name Harry Bryant. 
When he isn’t writing, he’s producing books for Underland Press, an independent press in the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, he’s a synthesist, a trouble-shooter (and -maker), a cat herder, and an idea man. His favorite Tarot card is the Moon. Find him at

Jessie Kwak is a freelance writer and novelist living in Portland, Oregon. She writes sci-fi and fantasy with a liberal dose of explosions, gunfights, and dinner parties. She likes to make her readers laugh. She is the author of supernatural thriller Shifting Borders and the Durga System series of gangster sci-fi stories. You can learn more about her at, or follow her on Twitter (@jkwak) or Instagram (@kwakjessie).

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Grá Linnaea is an author, editor and musician living in Portland, Oregon. He’s the former editor of Shimmer Magazine. He’s won Writers of the Future and his story “Messages From Valerie Polichar” was nominated for the Stoker Award. Other of his fiction can be found in Apex and Daily Science Fiction. You can learn more about him at, or follow him on Twitter or Instagram (@gralinnaea).